MAMAMOO Solar Faces Criticism For Allegedly Sexualizing Childish Teaser Concept

MAMAMOO's Solar has finally come to spit it out! Solar, with the real name Kim Yongsun, will officially release her first-ever solo album on April 23 and has started releasing image teasers and video clips on the group's official social media accounts

BTS Member Jin Wore The Same Outfit As Jimin + The Reason Behind It Is Heartbreaking

An image of Jimin and Jin from BTS emerged on social networking sites as supporters were reminded of a painful yet heartwarming tale about the clothes of those these members.

TWICE Grants Brain Cancer Patient's Wish + Sends Him Heartwarming Message

On April 23, Korean media's eyes centered on the K-pop group TWICE as they granted the wish of a brain cancer patient.

BLACKPINK Jisoo's Latest Message Overwhelms BLINKs

Lady Gaga's confirmation about including BLACKPINK as one of her featured artists overwhelmed BLINKs. But wait, 'cause Jisoo has more to say, too!

Taiwanese MV Producer Allegedly Plagiarized IU's "Palette" MV: Can You Identify The Similarities?

A music video producer for Taiwanese singer Elaine Ho has already spoken out on the plagiarism controversy and acknowledged similarities made from IU's "Palette" music video. The music video, which was recently released, garnered negative remarks due to its uncanny resemblance to the MV of the K-pop star.

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