Cube Entertainment Co-founder Hong Seung Sung Declares Departure From The Agency

Hong Seung Sung, co-founder and chairman of Cube Entertainment, confirmed that he is leaving the agency.

Jaejoong Admits His Coronavirus "Diagnosis" was an April Fool's Prank + Netizens Rebuke Him

Many people fool around on April Fool's Day, yet Kim Jaejoong's prank did not sit well with netizens, saying that the antic he pulled was not something to laugh at - rather, it was alarming.

WATCH: Jung Sisters’ Siblings Goal Tiktok Video + April Fools’ Day Prank About the Sisters

On the 31st of March, Jessica, along with her younger sister Krystal blessed fans and their followers a cute content as they re-created a Tiktok Challenge, dancing to the beat of the song remix, "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer.

Ex-KARA Member Gyuri Shows Undying Love with Her boyfriend Through an Exclusive Interview

Ex-KARA member Gyuri shows undying love with her boyfriend through an exclusive interview.

KPOP Female Celebrities Turning 30 This Year That Will Shock You

Youth is something that South Korean KPOP female celebrities take pride of and some who of them who are entering their 30s will stun the mob.

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