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AOA's Choa and Lee Suk Jin dating: FNC Entertainment shuts down rumors

By Maria A. | May 17, 2017 10:58 AM EDT
AOA's Choa temporarily leaves group to take a break.
(Photo : YouTube/Yojaeon) AOA's Choa temporarily leaves group to take a break.

AOA member Choa was recently swept in dating rumors linking her to Najin Corpoporation director Lee Suk Jin. According to reports, the rumored couple has been dating for the past year. They were reportedly introduced through Super Junior's Heechul.

However, FNC Entertainment shut down reports of Choa and Lee Suk Jin dating. According to allkpop, the agency said in a statement that Choa and Lee Suk Jin are not dating and that they are mere acquaintances.

Meanwhile, Heechul did not take his involvement in the dating controversy lightly. The Super Junior member is known for his vast connections. However, Heechul clarified that he has nothing to do with the dating rumors that suggested he's the bridge between the rumored couple. He also found offense in the fact that people think he's a "madame."

Choa is currently taking a break from all AOA activities, Koreaboo reports. Her hiatus was confirmed shortly after rumors began to spread that she was leaving AOA. According to the agency, Choa personally requested to take a break after AOA concluded their concert in March.

Fans noticed that Choa was missing at a lot of AOA's recent performances, leaving them to wonder if the singer is leaving AOA for good. Another instance that stirred speculations that Choa was leaving AOA was a message posted by AOA member Yuna on Instagram. She quoted part of the lyrics of IU's song "Ending Scene," which read "I really mean int. You have the right to be happier." Some netizens thought that this message may be addressed to Choa, and that her leaving AOA would be something that would make happier.

Since her the start of her hiatus, Choa's Instagram account can no longer be seen on AOA's Naver profile. Choa herself has been inactive on Instagram for over three months now.  

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