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TWICE Grants Brain Cancer Patient's Wish + Sends Him Heartwarming Message

By Staff Reporter | Apr 23, 2020 03:34 PM EDT
TWICE Grants Brain Cancer Patient's Wish + Sends Him Heartwarming Message
(Photo : Twitter)
TWICE Grants Brain Cancer Patient's Wish + Sends Him Heartwarming Message
(Photo : Twitter)

On April 23, Korean media's eyes centered on the K-pop group TWICE as they granted the wish of a brain cancer patient. 

According to JYP Entertainment, TWICE recently sent their message of support and hope to a 15-year-olf fan named Oh Seung-hwan, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last June 2019 and is currently undergoing his treatment and battling his everyday fight. 

Seung Hwan, who is overcoming his illness by listening to TWICE's songs, has come to dream of receiving a computer to watch the members. A computer is necessary because school classes are being replaced online due to the coronavirus pandemic. The simple wish of Oh is genuinely heart-melting. 

JYP received the same story through the Make A Wish Foundation, and due to his undying support to TWICE, they granted the wish of the patient and bought him a personal computer. To surprise him, TWICE even prepared a greeting video along with the laptop.  

TWICE said, "We had heard that when you were having a hard time with your treatments, you listened to our songs, and you are then cheered up. It must have been excruciating and difficult, but thank you for overcoming it bravely. We will always be TWICE who supports Seung-hwan's wonderful dreams." 

In addition to this, Dahyun, who is the bias of Seung Hwan, expressed her dearest message to his little fan as well, saying, "I'm so happy to be able to meet you even on video. I hope you will continue to receive treatment to attain good health and be brave as you are now. If we have a chance later, I hope we can meet at our concert."

TWICE Grants a Brain Tumor Patient's Wish + Heartwarming Messages to Each Other

(Photo : Twitter)
TWICE Grants Brain Cancer Patient's Wish + Sends Him Heartwarming Message

Seung Hwan can't help but shed his tears as he watched the video, and replied, "I was moved to tears as I kept watching the video. I gained strength while listening to TWICE's songs, especially when I was doing chemotherapy and radiation." 

He also answered Dahyun and said that he also wants to meet TWICE in person and attend their concert. 

We are hoping that Oh Seung Hwan's wish will come true and can be able to meet TWICE with a healthier appearance. 

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment signed a memorandum of understanding on social contribution projects with the Korean branch of Make A Wish Foundation in June last year. GOT7, TWICE's labelmate, pledged in June 2019 as well that they will be working closely with the organization that aims to grant wishes.

Since then, JYP and the Entertainment artists has been leading the efforts to achieve wishes for children with incurable diseases through their representative CSR activity "EDM" (Every Dream Matters!, all dreams in the world are precious).

 As part of the activity, JYP CEO Park Jin-young had time to give vocal and dance lessons directly to children with incurable diseases. Their singers are continuing their good deeds by inviting patients to their concerts to share meaningful memories.

TWICE's message of support is on the JYP_EDM Wish site. You can check it out at jype.com.

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