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What Are BTS Members' Worst Fears?

By Staff Reporter | Apr 23, 2020 03:38 PM EDT
BTS Members Worst Phobias
(Photo : Pinterest)
BTS Members Worst Phobias
(Photo : Pinterest)

Fear is something that concerns individuals in all walks of life, and this includes K-pop idols, not to mention that even the strongest fighter in the world was revealed that he was terrified of cockroaches.

Suffice it to say that fear is a natural feeling. BTS members may look dauntless when it comes to conquering the stage performances. However, these gentlemen have fears like any normal human being.

Here is a look at BTS members' worst fears.

Suga - Fireworks

While everyone loves to see those lovely blasts of colors, lights, and patterns in the sky, Suga feels the other way around. He was once seen enjoying the moment on stage when a pyro technique suddenly burst in front of them. He came to panic and ran away afterward. He admitted he dreads those sorts of things.

Taehyung - Ghost

A lot of times, V was caught on video being afraid of entities not seen by the naked eye. One example was when someone commented on his V Live streaming that there was something behind him. V felt anxious and covered the open window with curtains.

Jimin - Butterflies

It may sound weird, but Jimin is afraid of butterflies. He explained that when he was a young boy, someone playfully placed one inside his pants. Ever since then, he started fearing one.

Jin - Bugs

He is afraid of insects, specifically bugs if they crawl on his body. He also admitted that he fears ghosts, too.

Jungkook - Microwave Oven

According to one of his interviews, he is afraid of a microwave oven because he thinks it will suddenly explode. He also said that he is scared of bugs.

RM - Elephants

Elephants may be considered as gentle giants, yet RM fears them. Aside from that, he is afraid of their manager, too.

J-Hope - Snakes, Bugs, and Spiders

True enough, these creatures usually scare the many. One time, he even hurt his leg while trying to run away from his fears.

Indeed, as humans as they are, BTS members have their own weaknesses. Nevertheless, they have somehow entertained the crowd while they were in random moments of being caught with fear.

Meanwhile, BTS organized their online concert, BANG BANG CON, wherein they were able to reach out with their fans even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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