‘Clash Royale’ gameplay update; 2v2 Clan Battle confirmed!

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.03.13
Game replay of 2v2 Clan Battle in 'Clash Royale'

Supercell continues their dominance with their classic games by offering a different type of gameplay from time to time. "Clash Royale" is one of the games that will see drastic changes in the near future as it will feature an amazing mode that will maintain and even increase its player base worldwide.

2v2 Clan Game Confirmed!

"Clash Royale" is a strategy card game that offers nearly limitless options for the player to enjoy because it offers a wide variety of attack plans due to different types of cards. From time to time, a different game mode is introduced for a limited time to change the grinding gameplay.

But according to Touch Arcade, Supercell is about to introduce a 2v2 gameplay option soon. In gist, it's a gaming option where two players from the same clan could band together and find two more players from a different clan. It's an exciting option given the tremendous strategy it will require to perfect the gameplay.

The gaming mode will be called "Clan Battle Mode" and it will debut on March 24 according to Clash Royale Arena. Each player will enjoy their own elixir and because of the large number of players, the area will be a little bit wider. To make the game a lot more interesting and fast paced, the elixir replenishes faster - 85% during regular gameplay and 70% during overtime.

eSports Integration

The brand new gameplay will definitely make the experienced players think of a brand new strategy on how to push against different types of enemies. Because it will require enormous amount of practice and strategy, Supercell has also indicated that they will include the game mode soon in their eSports tournament. Of course, the mode will go through some rule changes from time to time but it will ultimately become part of the eSports tournament for Supercell given the skills it requires to win.

Watch the gameplay below from well-known Clash Royale gamers online:

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