Dead Mage unveiled their first PC game, 'Tale of Ronin'; New Samurai RPG game to release this 2017

By Clyde Morgan / 2017.03.13
Tales of Ronin

Dead Mage is now stepping forward as they are about to launch their first PC game title called "Tale of Ronin." After creating some handful of games for mobile, the developers decided to bring their skills to PC as they present the wandering samurai and his crew to fight the evil forces of Japan.

The "Tale of Ronin" follows the story of a wandering samurai, joined by a group of Ronin. As per the PC GamesN, the game is similar to Banner Saga as the game starts with a single character. The team will be built as the player recruit another member during the process. Aside from the main and story quest, there will some sort of side missions from NPC's, while some quest can be acquired from other Ronin.

The "Tale of Ronin" was confirmed to focus on the personal aspects and the story of the game, developers said that they want to show how the members of the Ronin found the meaning of life despite the fact they are fighting without a leader or Sensei, the Sixth Axis reported. Also, Dark Mage are also committed to ensure the difference between each Ronin in the game.

The upcoming "Tale of Ronin" features some familiar mechanics seen from other RPG titles. Free roam is one the game's feature, where players can also choose the path they want for their characters. Upon exploration, players will be facing some blood-shedding sword fights against several bandits in the in-game world.

It has been said that the game has some features similar to the Shadow's of Mordor, where certain enemies will go stronger as the character faced them for the second time. It also confirmed that the "Tale of Ronin" will also feature a real sword fight that and is not opting to an anime-style of techniques.

Dead Mage are planning to release the "Tale of Ronin" this 2017 launch for Tale of Ronin. You should stay tuned for more updates of the game along with its release date.

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