Naughty Dog will not be making the 'Uncharted' 5; The franchise will be transferred to a new team

By Clyde Morgan / 2017.03.08
Uncharted 4

After finishing the upcoming "Uncharted" The Lost Legacy, Naughty Dog announced that they are about to step away on making the next sequel. Evan Wells, the co-president of the company said that their team is not making another sequel of the series, but it may seem that it will be transferred to a new studio.

Wells said during an interview that after The Lost Legacy, "Uncharted" is unlikely to be their next project. It's no surprise that the next "Uncharted" sequel was halted due to the development of The Last Of Us 2, but then the Naughty Dog said that due to very limited resources, chances of making the new "Uncharted" title is very low as per the GameSpot reported.

The "Uncharted" series was first seen last 2007, with its success, the game was followed by three main sequels with several downloadable contents each. Having said that the game sold over 9 million copies, several fans are expecting that the series will be continuous with the fact that the franchise are providing large profit to the company.

According to the IGN, this is not the first time that a game company would leave a high-profile title and move on to a new franchise while the original project will be transferred to a new team. The "Uncharted" Lost Legacy will is slated to release later this year as per the Polygon confirmed.

We may recall that last year, Neil Druckmann mentioned that they are happy to let go of the "Uncharted" series and that a new team will eventually take over the series. It may be sad for them to leave the franchise, but by knowing it will in good hands, they are happy with it.

On the other hand, Naughty Dog has just finished the upcoming The Last of Us 2, which was announced last December 2016. Though the developers haven't announced the official release, it is expected to launch within the first-half of the year.

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