Rock Band developer Harmonix is about to release 'DropMix'; Music and Card game features revealed

By Clyde Morgan / 2017.03.11

After the release of Rock Band 4 last 2015, Harmonix has finally broken its silence and is about to release their new kind of music game called "DropMix." The new music game is not as everybody would expect since it will be incorporating some mechanics of a card game.

A couple of years ago, several music video games were born in the likes of the Guitar Hero series and the Rock Band series created by Harmonix. Musical instruments were being used for these games, including drums, guitars, microphones, dance pads and even the DJ turntables that provide every title to have its own unique kind of gameplay.

Because of music game fatigue fans are opting to stop playing music games. Today, Harmonix will bring a new kind of music game that will catch every fan's attention and bring back the music game back to life.

According to the GameSpot, "DropMix" will have the chance to create a unique kind of music by the use of playing cards. These Music Cards feature several hit songs from different award-winning artist across the globe which can be mixed and combine together.

As per the Euro Gamer, Harmonix has partnered with Hasbro to create a unique video game accessory. A new game board that features five slots every card needed for every match. Each of the cards will play different parts of the song, including vocals, guitars, drums and bass.

The "DropMix" game board has an extra slot fitted for a smartphone, either Android and iPhone, but the game can also be played using Tablets. Every music will can be saved to any smart device that will allow players to play their own music anytime, anywhere.

"DropMix" also features different game modes for everyone, but for the most part, the game introduces the Clash Mode though the exact match details hasn't been announced. This game mode can be played with 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 match, the first to reach 21 points will be declared the winner.

Moreover, Harmonix announced that the "DropMix" will start with 60 cards initially, but 300 more games that are currently in development will be released this 2017 as planned. A pack of 16 cards for the Playlist pack can be purchased for $15, while the discover pack that contains 5 cards will be sold for $5 only.

The upcoming "DropMix" music game was unveiled to be a great party game for a group of friends. The game is scheduled to release this September 2017.

"DropMix" is a game that Harmonix seemed to gamble with. Music video game nowadays are dropping after the emergence of the Massive Online Battle Arena titles such as DotA 2, League of Legends and the latest Mobile Legends. The game could be a game changer for the developer, it might be great game to enjoy, but the $100 game board could be the hindrance.

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