'Dauntless', a western version of Monster Hunter is about to release this year; New game trailer launched

By Clyde Morgan / 2017.03.11

The Monster Hunter-esque PC game called "Dauntless" has just released a new trailer. The developer Phoenix Labs are taking the path of the Monster Hunter game created by a Japanese company.

Phoenix Labs has just release a new trailer video of the game "Dauntless" that features the four characters of the game. As seen in the video released by the Gaming Bolt, the four characters fought against the mighty Behemoths using four different weapons.

The two Behemoths shown in the trailer are Pangar and Shrike, which are both known to be a boss monster in the game. These Behemoths resemble the huge creatures of the Monster Hunter game.

Shrike Behemoth looks like an owl that's been on testosterone. Using its wings, the Behemoth can create a gust of wind to sweep its enemies, fortunately, its wings can be cut down with a proper team strategy.

The other behemoth is Pangar, who uses the ice element attack. This big creature can cast a pillar of ice around its enemies, which is suggested to attack it using ranged weapons.

As per the PC GamesN, "Dauntless" is an intriguing game with the fact that it is a game inspired by a popular game. The game is also confirmed to launch a Beta Play, where interested players can register via the game's official website.

"Dauntless" can be played up to 4 players with friends or any players of the game. Players can roam around the fictional world of the game and could probably engage in a massive battle against several monsters.

Each of the four characters in the game has their own specialty, from weapons to skills. Unlike the Monster Hunter, "Dauntless" will be utilizing a skill tree system and some MMORPG mechanics.

Monster Hunter is a great game with a very disappointing controls, maybe because the game is an exclusive console game that can only be navigated using game controllers. "Dauntless" could be an award-winning game in the future since the advantage of PC gaming is the keyboard and mouse known to be a great control input when it comes to targeting games.

The Western version of the Monster Hunter is slated to release this year and is expected in the last quarter of 2017.

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