‘One Punch Man’ season 2; Saitama fights Monsters Association and Suiryu

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.03.09
Official poster announcement for 'One Punch Man' season 2

"One Punch Man" is undeniably ranks among the most popular anime series in the modern cartoon era. With a unique take in a superhero, it has become a widely anticipated anime series as fans are waiting for the second season especially on the arc where the Saitama takes on unique characters featured in the manga.

Scope of Anime Series in Manga

"One Punch Man" has surprised the world of anime and even cartoon in general. Instead of a superhero that offers something special and even sacrificing someone important to him, the anime featured someone who just wanted to be a superhero for fun...and becomes bored in his task because it was too easy. After all, he did not become the guy who disposes his enemy with just a punch for no reason.

Everything important about Saitama was revealed in the first season. His enemy in the first season Lord Boros and his arc introduced more than just a formidable enemy for Saitama because he has actually challenged the hero - an enemy that will not die in just a single punch.

Season 2 Focuses on More Enemies

According to the fan made Wikia page of the anime series, the first season covers 36 chapters of the manga series. It's safe to assume that the second season of the anime series will also cover nearly the same number of chapters. If the same number of chapters are covered in the anime series, it's going to be an interesting season for Saitama.

According to Manga Stream, chapter 70 of the popular manga series feature the fight between Saitama and Suiryu. This is going to be a tricky subject in the anime version because Saitama will be busy having fun in the tournament while the rest of the heroes deal with the Monsters Association attacking the city.

It's most likely that Saitama and the rest of the heroes deal with the Monsters Association. However, the unlikely hero's adventure in the tournament could be featured especially when he faces the Suiryu in the tournament finals.

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