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‘Attack on Titan’ timeline; Latest chapter offers time skip of at least three years

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Mar 08, 2017 11:48 PM EST
Jaw Titan revealed in 'Attack on Titan' chapter 91
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/KakashiHatake0800) Jaw Titan revealed in 'Attack on Titan' chapter 91

"Attack on Titan" is clearly on the cross-roads as the latest chapter features one of the best devices to effectively move forward its story telling: a time skip. But before the readers could push further, it is important to learn more about the background of the current time skip especially on the new characters.

A Time Skip for the Ages

Without warning, "Attack on Titan" is on a time skip which moves forward the story about three years from chapter 90 according to the forum discussion in My Anime List. But the story of the time skip does not revolve around Survey Corps in Paradis Island since it actually features the elite Eldian soldiers working for the Marley government.

Because of the short time skip and shift in focus, the original characters are no longer featured for now. The Eldians soldiers that were named are: Frock, Gabi and Falco although there is also speculation that Reiner is also in the chapter but was not identified.

Because the story moved ahead, the lifespan of the shifters featured in the previous chapters have also shortened. According to Reddit discussion on the latest chapter, Eren only has four years to live.

More Countries Involve

The latest chapter of "Attack on Titan" also offers another surprise: Marley's war with other countries. The previous chapters only focus on Marley's fierce battle with the people inside the wall but the it appears that the country also has more enemies in other countries. The "Middle East Union Military" could refer to a group of countries who also set their sights on the Marley Government.

With another major government in play, the titan shifters are no longer limited to Eldians and Marleyans. The upcoming chapters could push other titan shifters to different countries. Queen Historia in Paradis Island may even choose to select an ally for protection.

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