‘Fairy Tail’ chapter 525 recap, spoilers; Natsu powers up vs. Zeref, August damages Gildarts

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.03.06
Zeref kills Rakheid in 'Fairy Tail' chapter 525

The story of "Fairy Tail" continues and it currently features the battle between some of the of the strongest wizards of the manga series. Meanwhile, a surprising turn of events is also revealed that could ultimately determine the fate of humanity.

Chapter 525 Recap

The latest chapter of the popular fantasy manga series "Fairy Tail" is already available for reading in Manga Stream. The chapter starts with the confrontation between Gildarts and August - the most powerful wizards in their respective group. August confronts Gildarts about his decision to protect his daughter Cana and keeps on muttering that his majesty's child is not loved.

On the other hand, Zeref's son Rakheid literally crawled to the place where Natsu and Zeref deal with each other through their power. But before Rakheid arrives, Mavis telepathically connects to Happy, Grey and Lucy. She wants the three to leave Natsu and help her.

Natsu and Zeref are in a fierce battle and the latter admitted that even though he wants to end it abruptly, he is quite giddy about their confrontation. Rakheid arrives at their location and conjures slumber and the spell immediately influences Natsu's action. But the chapter ends with Zeref killing his son because of his interruption.

Chapter 526 Recap/Analysis

Natsu's was surprised when Zeref killed his son without any hesitation although forum members at My Anime List were not surprised by his action given his past. The little flashback about Mavis' situation is also a sign of connection to Rakheid as well as Zeref and Mavis could use this to her advantage. But there are bigger things to consider since Acnologia is planning to wipe out everyone.

The story of Natsu and the wizards of "Fairy Tail" might end soon. But Mashima will end the story with a bang and the fight between Natsu, Zeref and possibly Acnologia should be an amazing send-off to the manga series.

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