‘Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry’ movie; Standalone to feature manga ending

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.03.08
Natsu in 'Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry' trailer

Hiro Mashima's "Fairy Tail" will feature their second full length movie this year. However, the highly anticipated movie about Natsu' guild of wizards is also expected to preview the end of the popular manga series.

'Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry'

Fans of the popular manga and anime series "Fairy Tail" will have something to look forward to this spring as the second movie is set to premiere soon. According to Go Boiano, "Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry" will set Natsu and the gang on a quest to retrieve an artifact called Dragon Cry. Located at Stella Kingdom, the gang will face some challenges and also discover those behind the quest has some dark, sinister plans.

Manga illustrator and creator Hiro Mashima is an executive producer for the movie. He has also provided some key visuals for the film as well as storyboards.

End of Manga Approaching

The latest trailer for "Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry" doesn't just focus on the upcoming story in the film. According to Anime News Network, the movie trailers translation goes something like this: "a decade after starting its serialization, creator Hiro Mashima's finally heading towards the climax!"

This follows the earlier announcement of the manga creator that the current arc will be the final in the series. As of this writing, the manga is already on chapter 525 and the battle has finally escalated to its peak since Natsu and Zeref are finally facing off.

Because of the trailer's statement, it's possible that the upcoming movie will not just feature Natsu and the gang's adventure to capture the Dragon Cry artifact. Fans of the manga series should also expect a sneak peek of the final chapters of the series. The guild will most likely gain victory at the end but the cost of victory is still unknown and it will only be revealed at the end of "Fairy Tail."

"Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry" will land in Japanese theaters on May 6, 2017.

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