‘Attack on Titan’ chapter 91 recap, spoilers; time skip to feature Eldians as Marley soldiers

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.03.07
Jaw Titan appears in 'Attack on Titan' chapter 91

"Attack on Titan" is currently undergoing serious plot changes as the manga pushes for time skip. Although it still features the same storyline, new characters come into play that could determine the future of both nations and Paradis Island.

Chapter 91 Story Arc

"Attack on Titan" changed its tone in its recent chapter as the story pushes for time skip. The manga is already available online through Read SNK and it immediately featured the new characters for the brand new story arc.

But the changes in plot through time skip is not the only big change in the popular manga since the current arc focuses on the characters that work for the Marley government. Chapter 91 reveals their plan in taking down the "Slavery Fortress" that works as outlook post that also protect the Middle East Union Military.

The characters featured in the manga are also the young Eldian soldiers working for the Marley government. Their mission is also a test to determine who will be the next Armored Titan and join the elite squad assigned to attack Paradis Island.

More Titans Revealed!

The biggest revelation in "Attack on Titan" chapter 91 is the presence of the Jaw Titan. The titan shifter is also known as Galliard and he appeared before the chapter's end. While the group of Eldians are small in number with limited firepower, the presence of the Jaw Titan should give them an upper hand as long as they could counter the powerful arsenal of the fortress.

According to Reddit forum, the elite force of Eldians will also have another Titan in their group soon. This means the small group of soldiers will have a bigger chance of winning their current war. But getting through the fortress is no easy task as it features powerful gun strong enough to take down an attacking Titan.

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