"Kabukibu!" breaks barriers as a TV Anime which bags a Manga Adaptation

By Madhu Majumdar / 2017.01.03
“Kabukibu!” Opens the Curtain for TV Anime with Manga Adaptation

It isn't very uncommon for the people of this generation to see TV shows and mainstream movies being adapted from novels and books. There is always an ecstatic feel to see your favorite book being turned into a video which you can now see in reality. The concept may be interpreted differently and it is always exciting to see how the others would imagine things in a different way than you. The famous light novel series by Yuuri Eda called "Kabukibu!" is being adapted into its own TV show and has created much buzz amongst the Japanese novel lovers. The novel has also broken bounds by bagging a comical manga adaptation of the story.

According to Crunchyroll, the manga adaptation of the light novel will be published in the Kadokawa Shoten's Young Ace seinen manga magazine. The date of the publishing has been anticipated to be in February of 2017 and will be illustrated by Chizu Kamiko who is well known from Q Mysteries. The comic characters and set designed in the comic will be according to the illustrations made in the TV show that was previously provided by the company CLAMP. The "Kabukibu!" comic is set to debut in the March 2017 issue published on 2nd February of 2017 in "Young Ace".

According to AnimeNewsNetwork, the series uses kabuki, which is a classic style of Japanese dance-drama, that combines music, drama, along with dance. Kurogo Kurusuis the central protagonist, is a 15-year-old teenage high school student who has a passion for kabuki. He hopes to establish a kabuki club at his school but things are not that easy after he realizes that he needs to find students to help him. The TV series of the light novel adaptation has been created but the characters of the show have not yet been revealed. The news that we know is that the awaited book adaptation TV show will be broadcasted on TBS in April of 2017.

The light novel has broken records for being a novel which has been adapted into a TV series and then into a comic book manga in a well-reputed magazine.

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