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'Tokyo Ghoul' season 3 release date, spoilers; manga sales to confirm series continuation, Kaneki's new identity!

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Oct 27, 2016 02:39 PM EDT
'Tokyo Ghoul' fans are waiting for the third season of the anime adaptation.
(Photo : Facebook/TokyoGhoulTV) 'Tokyo Ghoul' fans are waiting for the third season of the anime adaptation.

"Tokyo Ghoul" is one of the most popular anime series covering the supernatural and horror genre. Because of its popularity, upcoming season 3 is highly anticipated since the manga continues to dedicated followers.

According to when-will, the supernatural anime series is confirmed to continue for another season. However, the exact date of release for the third season is still unknown. Although there are rumors that the season could return this year, it's still unconfirmed unless an official announcement is made from the animation studio.

Because of the delay, there are also talk that the series might not return at all. The last episode of "Tokyo Ghoul" was aired in 2015 with no additional information on the possible return of the series.

However, it should be noted that the basis for renewing the series is often on the sales of the anime's manga. "Tokyo Ghoul" is often on top when a new volume is released and it was even the most popular manga last September according to Anime News Network.

A third season for "Tokyo Ghoul" should be very exciting because of the events in the previous season. Ken Kaneki was last seen carrying the body of his friend and it looks like he is finally ready to surrender to the CCG.

If the upcoming season will follow the manga series, Ken Kaneki will go through serious transformation not only to his name and identity but also to his allegiance. But his allegiance is only temporary as he will slowly come to realize his true self and become part of an organization he initially sought to destroy.

In the first two seasons of "Tokyo Ghoul" focuses on two warring forces: the ghouls and the CCG. But the third season will feature more groups as Ken Kaneki will have to work with various forces for his advantage. The CCG, on the other hand, will also work with various organizations to attain their objective.

Although the third season for "Tokyo Ghoul" is confirmed, the premiere date is still unknown. If the third season pushes through, the anime series will go through a very big twist as Ken Kaneki goes through serious changes with the CCG.

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