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‘Tokyo Ghoul’ season 3 release date; 2017 announcement after end of manga sequel

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Dec 13, 2016 01:09 AM EST
'Tokyo Ghoul' manga cover
(Photo : My Anime List) 'Tokyo Ghoul' manga cover

"Tokyo Ghoul" offers one of the most unique storylines in modern anime history because it deals with vampire-like humans with very special powers - and fans want more. But since the anime ended March 2015, no definitive news about the third season is reported and it has fans worried about possible cancellation.

Rumors on Delay, Cancellation

Fan support for "Tokyo Ghoul" is still high even after the show ended in 2015. Unfortunately, news about the possible third season of the series is still scarce and even though there are blogs and rumors about renewal and release date, none of them are definitive.

There are numerous rumors about the possible delay of the popular supernatural, horror series. Among them is the reported live action adaptation reported last June by the Anime News Network in favor of another season of anime. Another rumor is the sale of production rights of Studio Perrot to Madhouse and the latter is still busy with "Hunter x Hunter."

Another rumor about anime series is the that it has been cancelled altogether - explaining the lack of reliable news of renewal and release date. But cancellation is most likely the last thing on their producer's mind because of the manga's popularity not only in Japan but also in the US.

Manga Sequel Ending Soon

Here's another possible reason for the anime's delay: the studio developers of the anime series are waiting for the current manga series to end. The current manga series is titled "Tokyo Ghoul:re" and based on My Anime List, the final English volume is set for August 2017 release. The production studio could be waiting for the final chapters of "Tokyo Ghoul:re" before deciding on which story arc to adapt for the third season.

While the news of the "Tokyo Ghoul" season three is scarce, it's popularity and live action adaptation ensures that it will continue in the future.

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