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'Naruto' live-action US adaptation involves original manga creator Masashi Kishimoto

By Shelumiel Ryan Abapo | Dec 23, 2016 03:12 PM EST
One of the biggest Japanese anime titles, "Naruto" is getting an American live-action adaptation following the footsteps of "Dragonball".
(Photo : Instagram/adityarefo) One of the biggest Japanese anime titles, "Naruto" is getting an American live-action adaptation following the footsteps of "Dragonball".

The announcement of the planned US live-action adaptation of the phenomenally popular "Naruto" anime series has made many of its very loyal fan base anxious. Their reaction is perfectly understandable considering the not-so stellar history of Hollywood adaptations of many Japanese manga titles.

This track record of American remakes or adaptations of Japanese anime and manga franchises include critically panned "Dragonball: Evolution" and the now forgotten "Fist of the North Star" movie which was produced by HBO. It seems that American production companies cannot make it right.

But it seems that fans have one reason now to celebrate. While the "Naruto" live-action adaptation will still push through, it has been reported by Screen Rant that the anime's creator Masashi Kishimoto is on board the project.

Details as to the scope and actual involvement of Kishimoto, however, is not yet revealed. But it has already been reported that the "Naruto" live-action project will be under the helm of visual effects specialist turned filmmaker Michael Gracey.

The involvement of Gracey in the "Naruto" live-action project has begun in 2015. But it was only made public during the recently-concluded "Jump Festa" event. It is also during said event that fans were informed that Kishimoto will be working with Gracey, Anime News Network reported.

The "Naruto" project will be one of the many adaptations under Gracey which include the P.T. Barnum biopic "The Greatest Showman On Earth" and "Rocketman" with actor Tom Hardy as rock musician Elton John.

"Naruto" started as a manga by Kishimoto in 1999. Over the years, "Naruto" became one of the most popular manga in Japan.

"Naruto" even became more popular when its television anime series garnered massive worldwide. In the US, the anime television series became very popular following its run in the American cable channel Cartoon Network, under its Toonami lineup.

While the manga has already ended in 2014, the "Naruto" universe has continued with new storyline featuring the young son of the titular character. The "Naruto" live-action adaptation's release date is still unavailable but Asia Starz will be providing updates.

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