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‘Gintama’ live action trailer; full human cast revealed

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Apr 27, 2017 11:07 PM EDT
Anime vs. Real Live Action comparison of Gintoki
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Tokyosaurus) Anime vs. Real Live Action comparison of Gintoki

The live action trailer of the popular anime and manga series "Gintama" was recently released featuring its major characters and some of its patented goofy moments. But somethings amiss in the trailer and could only be revealed in the movie itself.

"Gintama" Live Action Confirmed Trailer

Many popular anime and manga series are getting treated for live action version and Gintama is no different. According to Otaku Mode, the trailer of the popular samurai-comedy movie was recently released and it immediately dives into the action-mode. There's also a short clip featuring the first meeting of Gintoki and his side-kick Shinpachi.

For the unfamiliar, "Gintama" is one of the most popular comedy anime and manga series. Before there was "One Punch Man" who took on superhero goofiness to the next level, Gintoki is an extremely popular character who created the funniest moments for Samurais. It also helps that the setting of the anime and manga series easily sets up the insanity of the story.

The manga is set-up in an unnamed Samurai-era but they are not ruled by any Shogunate. The country is instead inhabited by various aliens and they rule not just politically but also in business. Gintama's insistence to get his sword while working odd jobs gets him in various trouble - and this set-up has made the manga one of the most top selling mangas today according to Anime News Network.

Where are the Aliens?

While it looks like that Gintoki and Shinpachi will go on a fun adventure together in the upcoming live action movie, something is still missing: visiting aliens. The aliens often give the "strangeness" factor that made the series and manga endearing and fun at the same time. Since it's not featured, the aliens involved in the upcoming movie will be revealed soon or when the movie is released this July.

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