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‘One Pun Man’ chapter 74 recap, spoilers; Silver Fang vs. Monster King?

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Apr 25, 2017 05:44 PM EDT
The ruined area of Z-City
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Durzo Blint) The ruined area of Z-City

"One Punch Man" continue to chronicle the Monster Association's rise to power. But their plan in ruling humans everywhere is in for a rough start once they realize the hero they inadvertently messed with.

Chapter 74 Recap

Manga Stream recently uploaded chapter 74 of the popular manga series "One Punch Man." The chapter reveals the three-step plan of the Monsters Association on how to rule the world and it includes destruction, kidnapping of children and "monsterization."

On the other hand, Gouketsu schooled Bakuzan on powerful monsters by easily countering his attacks with ease. Gouketsu also revealed a powerful monster that rules them all: Monster King. The chapter ends with Gouketsu walking back to the destroyed area of Z-City. The manga also revealed that the ruined part of the city is also the home of the extremely strong hero, Silver Fang.

Where is Saitama?

One of the best images in the recently released chapter is Silver Fang's presence. According to Reddit comments, the Monsters Association is literally in the neighborhood of the hero and he's recently been bothered by the noises and unintended interruptions in his home. There's going to be a showdown once Silver Fang discovers the presence of monsters in his home.

On the other hand, Saitama is still missing after his disqualification against Suiryu. But there are theories that Saitama is just around the corner and his home is possibly within the ruins of Z-City. If the theory holds, it's possible that the upcoming showdown is not only with Silver Fang but also with the great Saitama.

The upcoming chapters of "One Punch Man" is going to be an epic encounter of villains and heroes. Since the Monster King has finally surfaced and Silver Fang is set for a huge fight, it's just fitting that Saitama is also in for a match against a formidable enemy.

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