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‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ chapter 122 recap, spoilers; Kichimura’s extermination plan revealed

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Apr 27, 2017 09:21 PM EDT
Kaneki invites Touka to relocate and hide from CCG
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Hassan F) Kaneki invites Touka to relocate and hide from CCG

Kichimura's (Furuta) latest attack and public stunt has deeply affected Kaneki's group and alters their plan. But aside from the latest troubles with CCG, Kaneki's situation is also in a bit of bind as he finds himself with girls looking for a relationship.

Chapter 122 Recap

Chapter 122 of the popular manga series "Tokyo Ghoul:re" is already online through Manga Stream. The chapter immediately continues the conversation of Touka and Kaneki as the latter was surprised by the question on his virginity.

While it's never explicitly said, Touka practically revealed her feelings to the powerful ghoul. She also saw him looking at her the same way he did at Rize - the first girl she really liked. Aside from the girl on the café, the chapter also ended with Tooru getting close to Kaneki.

But even though he's being confronted with love interests, they just made a big decision: to break up their current headquarters and go on constant movement to avoid detection and attacks. Kichimura revealed his latest feat of defeating some ghouls to the public and with TV broadcasts. His actions got favorable response from the general population and TV comments which increases the danger for the ghoul organization.

Chapter 123 Spoilers/Predictions

The Reddit comments on the latest chapter focused on the possible love triangle of Kaneki, Touka and Tooru. Since the chapter ended in a cliffhanger just like the previous episode, Tooru's implied confession in the final frame could set-up something really awkward for Kaneki once Touka walks-in.

However, the plan of getting the group on the move constantly places them in a bad situation as it gives the CCG especially Kichimura's Oggai an advantage. As they "divide and conquer" the members of Goat, Kaneki could be forced to scramble for ways on how to save his group without compromising his original plan of getting CCG to talk.

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