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‘Shokugeki no Soma’ chapter 212 recap, spoilers; Nene’s traditional dish vs. Soma’s stir-fry

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Apr 22, 2017 08:03 PM EDT
The Elite Ten vs. The Rebel Alliance
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/NewTeaser chaos) The Elite Ten vs. The Rebel Alliance

"Shokugeki no Soma" continues its regimental shokugeki in chapter 212. Kinokuni Nene presented her dish first to the World Gourmet Organization - the traditional soba with a shrimp side dish.

Chapter 212 Recap

Manga Stream recently uploaded the latest chapter of the popular cooking manga "Shokugeki no Soma." Nene was chosen to present her dish first - a traditional buckwheat soba with a side dish of shrimp. Before the taste test, Soma noted of the large number of books on display as reference with judge Anne revealing that she memorized all of them.

Nene's dish was naturally impressive. In fact, it was so impressive that the judges did not notice that they immediately finish their noodle portion without noticing it. The dish was noted as "the soba which leaps through time."

The elite ten master of soba glanced at Isshiki noting that he'll finally note of her expertise as she defeats Soma. The chapter ends with Soma finishing his dish for the taste test.

Chapter 213 Predictions/Spoilers

The comments on Reddit and much like the trend in the manga, it should be expected that the main character will win this match - or else the manga is practically over. But even with the expected results, the impact of Soma's dish should not be ignored.

Unlike Nene, Soma's dish is practically a stir-fry dish and he went out of his way to avoid the traditional technique since he already knows he can't go toe-to-toe with the central chef in this category. He focused on creating a unique dish and was even noted that his techniques could get him into trouble if he demonstrated them during as an apprentice in well-known restaurants.

But in the end, Soma's win is not about defeating Nene on techniques. He'll most likely win with something completely new that Anne and the rest of the judges are astounded by the flavor practically unheard from their library.

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