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Nintendo’s ‘Splatoon’ coming soon to US as manga

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Apr 25, 2017 01:05 PM EDT
'Splatoon' opening screen on Wii U
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/ZackScottGames) 'Splatoon' opening screen on Wii U

Nintendo's popular multi-player shooting game "Splatoon" will make its way stateside as a manga. Drawing inspiration on the original shooting game, the series offers a direct interpretation of the game when told as a story.

'Splatoon' as a Manga Series

"Splatoon" is one of the most popular shooting games and a relatively rare reason why a gamer should consider getting a Wii U. But in Japan, the multi-player shooting game is also available in another format: a popular manga series. It's also coming to the US with updated translation after its official licensing.

According to Anime News Network, Viz Media recently obtained license of the manga series and has already started work for local release. While actual date for release is still unknown, it's estimated that the manga's official English language release will be available before the end of the year.

Single Release or Separate Volumes

According to Nintendo Insider, the manga series were released in two volumes featuring different turf wars. However, these are short volumes compared to other manga series which means "Splatoon" could easily become a one-shot series.

The manga series is practically an adaptation of the popular game with a few tweaks as it focuses on one team. While the game version allows everyone to become the hero, the manga focuses on Team Blue and their adventures against other teams referred to as "Turf Wars." Aside from dedication to colors and characters (called Inklings), the manga series is practically a story-version catalog of the amazing weapons featured in Wii U.

"Splatoon" made its way to Nintendo's Wii U May 2015. It immediately became a hit shooting game due to its impressive visuals and fun gameplay. A sequel is due for release on July 2017 and it will be playable on Nintendo's brand new gaming system Nintendo Switch.

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