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‘Fairy Tail’ chapters 532-533 recap, spoilers; Natsu’s resurrection, Mavis’s sacrifice

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Apr 27, 2017 09:12 PM EDT
Zeref transforms into a White Wizard in 'Fairy Tail'
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Zac2Uchiha) Zeref transforms into a White Wizard in 'Fairy Tail'

Mavis and Natsu are in big trouble while Layla is setting up something big against Acnologia in the latest chapter of 'Fairy Tail.' But another story in the manga is brewing up to change everything - even Natsu's fate against Zeref.

Chapter 532-533 Recap

Fans of 'Fairy Tail' are in for a treat as the latest edition in Manga Stream is in double feature. The chapter updates the latest situation of the major characters in the manga and could be divided into four.

The first update was on Layla and group's plan to trap Acnologia in the "Ravines of Time." Whoever, they are currently under attack from the dragon and he's dealing significant damage to the ship.

The second update was on Zeref and Natsu's confrontation. Mavis tried to intervene but it only got worse when Mavis caught her and absorbed her power - leaving her unable to move and Natsu's attack insignificant. Zeref became a white wizard and his power is felt around the guild.

The third update is on other wizards defending the land. They are currently carrying the body of Makarov and awaits the result of Mavis' confrontation with Zeref.

The final update is on Lucy and Jellal. The two wizards decided to look for a way to save Natsu by literally rewriting the book that foretells the death of their friend.

Chapter 524 Spoilers/Predictions

Mashima is clearly setting up something big in the upcoming chapters of "Fairy Tail" and it's possible that he'll tie up everything in the end - Layla's plan, Natsu's power, Lucy's rewriting and even Makarov and other wizards. The discussion on the latest chapter on Reddit could points to Lucy rewriting the powers of Natsu to get even with Zeref and even defeat Acnologia.

Lucy could be the manga's trump card in getting everyone out of trouble. But for now, everyone is either in dire trouble or do not realize that the powerful wizards are hardly coping against their enemies.

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