Hwang Bo opens up about her life outside show business in an interview

By Dianne Sencil / 2016.12.03
Hwang Bo during her performance at the 'Music Core'.

After being absent in the entertainment scene for quite a long time, South Korean actress Hwang Bo get to open up about the things that make her busy outside the show business.

During her recent appearance on the MBC documentary show “I Like People” for December 4 episode the 36-year old actress shared that she had been busy attending her parents needs especially after the cerebral hemorrhage condition that her father had suffered in 2014, All Kpop reported. Furthermore, she also revealed that she is currently running a café in Hong Kong wherein she is handling almost every errand.

"I enjoyed leaving the entertainment world and communicating with others as an average person," said Hwang.

Meanwhile, on her another interview with “SBS PowerFM 'Old School”, the Hallyu star compared work traveling and leisure travel. She also talked about her reaction whenever foreigners would approach her while on a trip.

“I was busy running my business and traveling...Until recently, I went abroad for work, never to play. Work traveling and leisure travel are completely different, so I traveled alone like I had wanted to," the actress said as quoted by All KPop.

About dealing with advances of foreigners, Hwang said: "It happens a lot, so it's annoying. It's not because I'm pretty, but because I am a foreigner. They are curious… It's really cheesy. They run into me and say sorry and then ask me where I am from. I guess I don't look very Korean, so they ask me where I came from."

Hwang started her entertainment as a rapper of the group Bros in 1999. A year after, she joined the girl group Chakra alongside Eeni, Eun, and Jung Ryeo-won. Aside from her singing, the Kpop star also appeared in several acting projects including “Goodbye for Just Awhile” and “Can Love Become Money?”.

Watch Hwang perform "R2SONG" at Music Core here.

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