2PM’s Taecyeon reveals body secret in a TV show

By Dianne Sencil / 2016.12.01
Taecyeon in attendance during a press conference for "Dream High."

KPop idol Taecyeon of the boy group 2PM has obviously one of the most well-defined bodies in the entertainment industry. In his recent guesting on the November 29th episode of the TV program “Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time”, the singer revealed his secrets in keeping up and taking care of his rock hard figure.

"I maintain my body by checking my weight on the scale every morning. I think about the food I ate the day before while looking at my weight," said Taecyeon as quoted by All KPop.

"I push myself and that's the most effective method," the 28-year-old star added.

Meanwhile, Taecyeon was recently announced as one of the cast members of the upcoming star-studded web drama series “First Kiss for the Seventh Time” which is set to premiere in mid-December this year. Joining him in the show are Korea’s premiere stars Lee Jun Ki, Park Hae Jin, Ji Chang Wook, EXO’s Kai, Lee Jong Suk, and “Legend of the Blue Sea star” Lee Min Ho.

During the press conference for the drama on November 22, the cast members introduced their characters to the public. Furthermore, the actors also shared their thoughts about their new roles.

"I played the son of a Chaebol who sacrifices for love. It's a role that I've always wanted to try," said Taecyeon as quoted by All Kpop.

Lee, on the other hand, said: "I played a church oppa from Choi Hee's younger days. Previously, I was in a historical drama so I'm happy to show my romantic act, even though it's short”.

Taecyeon started his entertainment career in 2008 after joining 2PM. He is currently the band’s main rapper.

In 2009 the artist made his debut in acting through the drama series “Cinderella's Sister”. He also appeared in the hit musical drama “Dream High”.

Watch Taecyeon on "Showbiz Korea" here.

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