Sechs Kies drops teaser MV for ‘Heartbreak’ remake

By Dianne Sencil / 2016.11.30
Sechs Kies' Kang Sunghoon in the teaser video of their song 'Heartbreak'.

South Korean boy group Sechs Kies has finally revealed the teaser video for the remake of their single “Heartbreak”.

In the video released by the group on their social media outlet, the band carried out their soulful and dynamic voices mixed with the upbeat and sexy tune. Furthermore, the group members all appeared very handsome and edgy as they take part their respective scenes.

“Heartbreak” was first introduced by Sechs Kies to the public in 1997, All Kpop reported. It is one of the title songs for their upcoming album titled “2016 Re-ALBUM” which will be released on the record bars on December 1.

Earlier this week, Sechs Kies has earlier revealed a teaser image as well as the full tracklist of “Re-ALBUM”. The album contains a total of 11 tracks which includes “Three Words”, “Couple,” “Chivalry,” and “Burning Love.”

"It's an album that has been through a process of 're-recording/rearrange/remaster,'" the group’s talent management agency YG Entertainment described the album as quoted by Soompi.

In as much as many fans are delighted for the Sech Kie’s comeback, some cannot hide their disappointments as the band will not be introducing new songs. However, they are still hoping that the boys will be releasing new tracks in their 20th anniversary next year.

Sechs Kie’s, also known as 6KIES, was formed by Daesung Entertainment in 1997. It is made up by 6 members namely Eun Jiwon (Leader and Main Rapper), Lee Jaijin (Sub Rapper and Main Dancer), Kim Jaeduck (Lead Rapper and Lead Dancer), Kang Sunghoon (Main Vocalist), Ko Ji Yong (Lead Vocalist), and Jang Suwon (Sub Vocalist).

Check out Sechs Kie's "Heartbreak" teaser here.

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