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Google Pixel specs, news; plain body with incredible hardware

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Oct 27, 2016 12:57 AM EDT
Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google
(Photo : Instagram/pixelgoogle) Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google

Google's recent foray in the mobile industry is one for the record books as it's their first mobile device that went through development under Google's supervision. Although the device offers a premium look without a lot of flares to woo potential buyers, Google made sure that the internals of the mobile phone can compete and even outdo its competitors.

Google recently announced two premium mobile phones set to compete with the popular flagship phones in the industry. Dubbed as "Pixel" and "Pixel XL" the two mobile devices are nearly identical expect for the screen size (5 inch vs. 5.5 inch) and battery (2270 mAh vs. 3450 mAh)

At first glance, the external features of the device don't really grab any attention according to Polygon. It's even described as "boring" because it does not offer any revolutionary design that gives users something new to look into. The only unique feature from Google's latest mobile phone is the use of USB-C port - a feature already implemented on some of the top mobile phones in the world.

But even with external look that doesn't really ask for attention, underneath the device is a known workhorse. According to Droid Life, Google's hands-on development of the mobile phone paid off as the device features the best experience of Google Assistant. The answer to Apple's Siri, Google Assistant offers quick responses and customizations based on the user's request.

Another feature Google pushed on their mobile device is the deep integration of VR or Virtual Reality. Google's Daydream is the next big step to virtual reality and they are making sure that their device is made ready for any challenges. The latest version of Android (Nougat) features deep integration with virtual reality.

But just like any mobile phone, Google Pixel and Pixel XL is not perfect. As a premium phone, the latest mobile device from Google curiously lacks waterproof capability. Other mobile devices boasts of this feature for a very long time but Pixel and Pixel XL should not be messed with water.

Google offers a leap to the future with their latest mobile phones. Aside from boasting a speedy performance even when handling multiple tasks, it's deep integration with virtual reality makes it one of the best phones in the world today.

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