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TopSecret debuts with single ‘She’; Names two senior groups they look up to

By diana | Jan 03, 2017 09:29 PM EST
JSL Company's newest boy group TopSecret debuts with "She" music video.
(Photo : YouTube/JSL Company) JSL Company's newest boy group TopSecret debuts with "She" music video.

JSL Company's newest boy group TopSecret finally made their debut with the release of "She" MV on Jan. 3.

The debut single is said to be perfect to cheer you up on cold winter days. Not only that the TopSecret members showed off their commendable choreography in "She" MV, but also their laudable vocals.

During a showcase show for debut album "Time's Up," the seven-member group named BIGBANG and SEVENTEEN as the senior groups they admire in the K-Pop industry, Soompi cited.

"We really like BIGBANG. And we want to emulate SEVENTEEN's stage work," the members revealed. The TopSecret idols also revealed they have been rehearsing for about three years now after all of them were announced as the winners of a survival competition.

"We had our debut stage at "Inkigayo" on January 1. It's amazing to see that when we search our name, something actually shows up. We'll continue to do our best," the group added.

Reports stated TopSecret will have a three-part school series for their albums. In fact, "Time's Up" is the first one, featuring "She" as its title track. Top Secret said their music videos were recorded in a school for the series.

The members also explained that "Time's Up" is not only dedicated to those who are feeling in love, but also to those who had their hearts broken by a relationship. On the other hand, TopSecret's Yohan revealed he wanted for them to go against senior group VIXX, Allkpop reported.

The idol said he witnessed the debut of VIXX on "MyDOL" in 2012, adding that he admires how the members of the boy group treat each other like their own brother.

"Seeing as how they're seniors who are strong in performance, I would like to compete with them in performing. They're seniors that I really like but I do want to try a good-hearted competition with them."

Watch the official music video of TopSecret's "She" under "Time's Up" album.

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