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Former 4Minute Sohyun reveals plans of becoming an actress, but…

By diana | Jan 02, 2017 10:22 PM EST
4Minute members arrive at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2013.
(Photo : Getty Images/Chung Sung Jun) 4Minute members arrive at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2013.

After her contract with Cube Entertainment expired, Sohyun and three of her co-members left 4Minute and the label. Almost a year after the departure, Sohyun is now considering to debut as an actress.

In a recent interview, Sohyun admitted she is still uncertain whether to carry her 4Minute image or leave that behind in her transition from being a singer to becoming an actress.

"I realized it'd be good to show the image that works with the roles I get in the future.  I think the audience will accept me better if I show the image of that role rather than my image or the group's image," she said as per Allkpop.

The former 4Minute member also said people have different views on idols-turned-actors, stating that their judgments are often based on the performance of the artist. "I think it depends on how I do.  The negative criticism on idols when they act these days [has] greatly decreased from the past," Sohyun added.

She went on, "There are also cases like Siwan (ZE:A member who turned actor).  That's why I think all that's left for me is to do well with the role that I get."

Sohyun also revealed she is fond with medical dramas like "Romantic Doctor," stating that she is hopeful to take part in one of them in the future. The idol said she looked up to Ha Ji Won in terms of acting.

On June 14, Sohyun alongside Jihyun, Gayoon and Jiyoon have reportedly decided not to resign with Cube Entertainment, while HyunA chose to renew an exlcusive contract with the label, Soompi reported.

Cube Entertainment confirmed the new and said the four members made the decision after thorough discussion of the matter. In November, Sohyun signed with her newest label 935 Entertainment to pursue acting.

"[Sohyun] has shown lots of potential since her early days as a child actress. We will be supporting her wholeheartedly in her activities as an actress at home and abroad," the agency said.

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