'Game of Thrones' Season 7 spoilers: Plot confirmed, Daenerys sojourns Dragonpit

By Maureen Blas / 2016.08.30
Weapons Master Tommy Dunne, Comedian Al Murray, Actor Ian McElhinney and Presenter Sue Perkins during Game of Thrones: From Page to Screen part of Advertising Week Europe 2016 day 4 at Picturehouse Central on April 21, 2016 in London, England.

The casts of "Game of Thrones" are retreating to Belfast to film for Season 7 and soon enough more locations will be revealed. Already Northern Ireland is prepping to accommodate the production for the new season.

It was reported that the village of Corbet hosted the shoot last fall specifically for the storyline of Riverrun's besiege. Its dubious filming has started with staffs operating on the Season 7 sets.

As reported by the Watchers on the Wall, a source informed that Daenerys is going to the Dragonpit in Season 7.  Dragonpit, as described in the "Song of Ice and Fire" books, is an old colossal structure built on a hill on King's Landing. The Dragonpit used to give shelter to the Targaryens dragons but eventually fell into ruins.

Spain was eyed for the Season 7's new location and this Roman ruins in Santiponce, Seville called Italica could be the perfect place where the Dragonpit will be filmed. In addition to the Dragonpit's site, Daenerys will be coming to King's Landing in Season 7.

Meanwhile, 19-year-old Maisie Williams who played the character of Arya Stark embarked upon the blind vagabond's eccentric downtrodden story aside from what she surmises in the shortened Season 7, the Variety reported. 

According to her, the most challenging phase of Season 6 is wearing white contact lenses. Since the contact lenses are opaque, it was difficult because the light that comes through it is very bright. Williams could not help squinting even though she could not see a thing.

Williams is also destined to slaughter Walder Frey, portrayed by David Bradley. Fans are so eager to have this character eliminated since the Red Wedding.

As the Season 7 began its filming, the production will cast nine more characters. The movie needs a general, priest, warrior, gate guard, merchant, lovely lady, young lord, and a lieutenant.

Nothing will prepare the fans for the upcoming shortened Season 7 which is going to be packed with more mysteries and action.  The "Game of Thrones" next season is slated to premiere in the middle of 2017.  

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