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Hong Kong’s Celebrity Tiger Moms: Find out how Esther Kwan, Sandra Ng and Cindy Au Discipline Their Children

By J. Javelosa | Jun 22, 2016 10:31 AM EDT
Esther Kwan
(Photo : YouTube/guanyonghe) Actress Esther Kwan in a screenshot from one of her TVB shows.

Parents play a very important role when it comes to raising children. While they can be strict, it is to ensure that their children are successful in the future. Celebrity parents are no different. Some of the few widely known tiger moms are Esther Kwan, Sandra Ng and Cindy Au.

Esther Chan has a daughter with actor Nick Cheung; the couple has been married since 2003. The family moved from Sai Kung to Sandy Bay and then moved again to Happy Valley to make sure their daughter, Brittany Cheung, attends one of Hong Kong's most prestigious schools.

Sources have revealed that Esther, who is a former actress, has reportedly hired seven graduate students to tutor Brittany. Brittany's extracurricular activities include skating and gymnastics.

Accidental Hero actress Sandra Ng is another tiger mom; she has a daughter, Jillian Chan with Peter Chan. Jillian apparently only speaks English at home and is taking various classes to excel in several disciplines. She is reportedly taking piano and dance lessons.

Moreover, to teach Jillian the habit of waking up early, Sandra reportedly wakes her up at 7 a.m. every day.

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TVB artists Cindy Au and Roger Kwok are also allegedly tiger parents to their son Brad Kwok and daughter Blaire Kwok. Their son was reportedly taught drawing, English and skating classes as a preschooler and is now studying in a very prestigious school. Furthermore, Cindy, who is currently on hiatus from acting, is said to be studying herself to make sure that her children's family background looks good especially when they apply to schools in the future.

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