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Ron Ng Reveals the Real Reason Why He Accepted ‘Shock Wave’ Role

By J. Javelosa | Jun 21, 2016 11:31 AM EDT
Ron Ng
(Photo : Ron Ng/Weibo ) TVB Actor Ron Ng will star alongside Andy Lau in "Shock Wave."

TVB actor Ron Ng recently revealed why he decided to accept the role offered to him in the action thriller Shock Wave.

Aside from Ron, Shock Wave stars Andy Lau, one of Hong Kong's most successful actors since the mid-1980's. Ron admitted that the chance to work with the veteran actor is the main reason why he accepted a role in the movie.

"I decided to do this movie because I know I'll be able to learn a lot from Andy," Ron said. "He patiently advises juniors. However, it is also stressful for me, as he crosses his arms whenever he watches me act."

Ron has just transitioned from acting in television into films, and he seems to be in good hands especially having Andy as a mentor.

According to Jayne Stars, Ron's role is a minor one. He plays the subordinate of Andy, whose character is a professional bomb diffuser in the movie.

On March 21, the cast of Shock Wave was seen filming a bomb scene near the Immigration Tower in Wan Chai. It was a large-scale action scene which required the streets to be blocked for several hours. Aside from Ron and Andy, Babyjohn Choi and Louis Cheung, were also spotted on the set.

Shock Wave is slated to be released in 2017. The movie has a budget of 151 million RMB ($23 million) and is directed by Herman Yau, produced by Andy and will be distributed by Universe Films.

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