Jessica says that having Krystal in the in the industry has been a blessing

By Dianne Sencil / 2017.03.05
KPop star Jessica performs onstage during a fan meeting event in China.

During her recent interview with “Marie Claire” Taiwan, South Korean superstar Jessica shared her thoughts about her career and having a sister in the industry.

The 27-year-old star opened up that she had become more independent and focused on achieving her dreams as an artist and a businesswoman after her split-up with Girls Generation. She also added that having her sister Krystal in the same line of work is a blessing to her.

"I would be lying if I said it hasn't been hard but I've learned to manage better as time goes....I am a very focused person and I pay 100% attention to whenever I am doing something...I have an on/off switch, I can switch my mindset and psyche around very quickly....I became a singer and started a business because I have a passion for them, so it never crossed my mind to give up either of them," said Jessica as quoted by All KPop.

On being a sister to Krystal, she added: "I felt so guilty towards her at that time.  Being the elderly sister, I should have shown the strong and reliable side of me...I wasn't a good role model …There are no secrets between us, we're like family...Honestly, it's hard to find someone whom you can trust...in the entertainment industry....Having a sister in the same industry...is a blessing."

Meanwhile, Jessica was also recently featured in the latest issue of “Cosmopolitan” magazine, reports All KPop. Taken in the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, California, the KPop idol showed off her laid back side as she poses for the camera.

Jessica made her debut in the show business in 2007 after joining one of Korea’s best-selling girl group, the Girls Generation. In 2014, she launched her own fashion line Blanc & Eclare.

Check out the music video of Jessica's "Wonderland" below:

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