‘Defendant’ crosses 20 percent viewership mark in Seoul metropolitan area for fourth episode

By diana / 2017.02.01
Korean actor Ji Sung tries to escape from the prison in an episode of SBS drama "Defendant."

Ji Sung starrer "Defendant" continues to dominate the Monday-Tuesday 10:00 pm timeslot, defeating its contenders "Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People" and "Hwarang."

In fact, the SBS drama recorded a viewership rating of 20.8 percent in Seoul metropolitan area and earned 18.7 percent viewership rating nationwide as per Korea Herald.

The results released by Nielsen Korea on Wednesday showed the double-digit lead of "Defendant" against "Rebel: Thief Who Stole People" with 10 percent and "Hwarang" with 9.1 percent viewership ratings.

With the recent figures, "Defendant" is showing consistency in terms of ratings since it kicked off on Jan. 23. Soompi reported the SBS drama garnered a viewership rating of 14.5 for its first episode, setting an edge from its challengers.

Meanwhile, Ji Sung has been receiving praises for his acting in the crime thriller drama. The 39-year-old actor takes the role of Park Jung Woo, a competitive prosecutor who never loses a case.

Park Jung Woo's life turned upside down after suffering from temporary amnesia. From being a respected prosecutor, he found himself behind the bars for allegedly killing his own wife and daughter.

A member of the production team said Park Jung Woo will go through difficulties in "Defendant" as he tries to solve his own case. "One could hardly guess how horrible and agonized he must feel," the staff said.

It added, "Despite having to express those emotions based entirely on his own imagination, Ji Sung still portrayed Park Jung Woo so realistically that the audience could easily empathize with him."

The staff continued Ji Sung seemed to have prepared himself for his character in "Defendant," describing him as an actor who pushes himself to the limit in order to portray a character effectively.

Follow the role of Ji Sung in "Defendant" every Monday and Tuesday on SBS.

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