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One Plus 5 2017: Why it could be your best choice in smartphones this year?

By Claire | Feb 01, 2017 08:31 AM EST
One Plus 5 2017: Why it could be your best choice in smartphones in 2017?
(Photo : YouTube / Unbox Science) One Plus 5 2017: Why it could be your best choice in smartphones in 2017?

2017 will witness the introduction of various smartphones in the premium segment but One Plus 5 is likely to be the top of the league with its compilation of features and functionality. One Plus 5 predecessor known as One Plus 3 was very well-accepted at the time of its launch.

The phone featured a high-end Snapdragon chip at the time and for boasting a RAM size as big as 6 GB. With a price tag of USD 399, the sleek device became the flagship phone of 2016. It would be interesting to see if One Plus 5 is able to follow the footsteps of its predecessor.

Features to expect

One Plus 5 2017 model is expected to feature Snapdragon 835 processor and at least 8 GB RAM. Additionally, the dash charge feature that is fast emerging as a popular option in many smart phones will also come to the new One Plus mobile.

The upcoming model will feature a ceramic body for that sleek look. As for the price, the One Plus 5 model is expected to cost anywhere around USD 500. Other highlights of this new model will include a dual rear camera, 5.5 inches QHD display and 128 GB storage.

This new model is rumored to have a 4000 mAh battery, Hindustan Times reported. The One Plus 3T is charged around USD 439 and so the price of the new model may rise marginally.

But even with the addition, the One Plus 5 model is expected to be cheaper than the Google Pixels and iPhone models. The new models by Samsung and Apple will be targeted towards the premium segment.

However, the expected price band for the new One Plus device is likely to ensure that the device will give some major competition to this premium segment models, The new One Plus mode is expected to come out in the second half of 2017. A detailed report on News 18 also identifies One Plus 5 as one of the top performers of 2017.

No One Plus 4, but why?

After the One Plus 3, the next flagship model of the brand is expected to be called One Plus 5. The makers may have purposely chosen to avoid the number 4 since it signifies bad omens, according to various Asian cultures.

Watch this video to check out awesome features of the OnePlus 5 model:

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