EXO's Suho willl reveal some skin in new drama 'Three Color Fantasy'; Makes acting debut using real name

By Maria A. / 2017.01.20
Suho of South Korean boy band EXO-K attends the press conference for 'One Way Trip' at CGV on February 24, 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.

EXO member Suho has decided to use his real name, Kim Jun Myeon, as he makes his acting debut in the MBC drama series "Three Color Fantasy." The announcement was made during the press conference for the show.

"Three Color Fantasy" presents a unique format for the drama series. Unlike most dramas that tell a single continuous story, "Three Colored Fantasies" is composed of three different stories titled "Stars in the Universe," "Bioequivalent Love" and "Queen of the Ring." The nine-episode drama will be broken up in these three parts that will showcase different love stories.

Suho stars in "Stars in the Universe." It tells the story of a grim reaper named Byul who comes to Earth and falls in love with a singer named Woo Joo.

In "Stars in the Universe," Suho plays Woo Joo, a superstar singer and songwriter. At the press conference Suho shared that he relates with his character as an idol. Knowing what celebrities go through, he understands the feelings of his character. This helped him act out his role.

"However, my character is a bad guy. He's pretentious and don't know gratitude so the people around him start seeing him wrong," Suho said about what sets him apart from Woo Joo, BNT News reported.

Suho also teased that there will be a bit of skinship coming from him on "Three Color Fantasy." "It's just a little... I'll be showing my back a little," Suho revealed, according Soompi. To tease fans even more, he sent viewers' squealing as he winked and did a heart sign.

Moreover, Suho promised to pick out random viewers and treat them to coffee if the ratings for "Three Color Fantasy" exceed 10 percent.

"Three Color Fantasy" also star Shin Hyun Soo, Ji Woo, Yoon Shi Yoon, Jo Soo Hyang and more. The drama will premiere on Jan. 26 on MBC.

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