Top Korean celebrities join ‘Give Love’ online fundraising event to help protect children’s rights

By diana / 2017.01.10
"My Love From The Star" actor Kim Soo Hyun during a press conference.

Several Korean celebrities are taking part in an online fundraising event called "Give Love" that is intended to help in protecting the rights of the children.

According to Korea Times, a total of 32 Korean celebrities have participated in the fundraising event, donating some of their pre-owned stuff in hopes to raise money to be given to Save The Children.

Some of the celebrities who are taking part in "Give Love" include Kim Soo Hyun, Song Hye Kyo, Seolhyun of AOA, and Chen and Suho of EXO, among others. Interested participants will have the chance to choose on which item are they going to donate their money.

The only thing participants should do is to select the item they like and purchase prize tickets. Participants will have better chances of winning if they have purchased more prize tickets. Aside from the fact that the initiative is for a good cause, the participants will also be given a 20 percent discount coupon from Gmarket.

All proceeds from "Give Love" will be donated to Save The Children, an NGO that "performs for charities regardless of one's ethnicity, religion and political belief to realize the right of child safety, protection, development and social-participation in approximately 120 countries."

At the time of writing, Kim Soo Hyun's long-padded jacket earned the most donations with 1,769,000 KW, Gmarket noted. The "My Love From The Star" actor was followed by Song Hye Kyo with 689,000 KW earnings for her black and white dress.

Meanwhile, head of eBay Korea's Global Business Department commended the initiative to help the children in their rights.

"It is very meaningful that Gmarket's Global Shop has participated in the event where a lot of Korean celebrities are participating with the entire proceeds going to protect children's rights," Moon Ji Young said.

As a leading Korean company, he promised they will continue to support initiatives like the "Give Love" fundraising event.

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