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'Akame Ga Kill' chapter 78 recap, manga adaptation close to anime?

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Jan 11, 2017 09:45 AM EST
Manga cover of 'Akame Ga Kill'
(Photo : My Anime List) Manga cover of 'Akame Ga Kill'

"Akame Ga Kill" is a highly unique manga and anime series because of its story telling and adaptation. With the manga ending, it's time to revisit the popular series featuring a very powerful rebel group against an equally strong empire.

Chapter 78 Recap

Chapter 78 of "Akame Ga Kill" is considered the final chapter of the manga series and could be read online through Manga Stream. The final chapter featured the death of Prime Minister Honest and the Emperor. For his crimes, the Prime Minister was tortured to his death while the Emperor was beheaded.

Everyone returned to normal lives: Mine and Tatsumi lived together while Kurome and Wave also lived a separate life. Najeda stayed single but she adopted a child to care for. Suzuka was the only major villain who survived the war but she ran away content that she has Esdeath's hand with her.

Akame continued her ways of working to restore peace for a while through assassination. But she eventually left for a place called Rongo Rongo so that she could find the cure of her ailment due to excessive battle.

Continuation of Anime Series?

According to My Anime List, "Akame Ga Kill" only has 24 episodes with nearly the same ending of the recently concluded manga. But the ending of the anime version does not state the exact location of Akame's destination while the manga gives a glimpse of her intended location and her reason for travel.

If the anime decides to continue the story of Akame, it is possible that it will focus on the main character's quest to find the cure for the disease that's slowly killing her. Of course, the Night Raid gang is still there and they might find themselves in another adventure. Suzuka is still alive and she could be part of a bigger story if the anime and/or manga continues.

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