'Fate of the Furious' spoilers: Top theories why Dom is working for the new Big Bad Cipher

By Shane Olga Ocampo / 2017.01.10
Fate of the Furious: Top theories why Dom is working for the new Big Bad Cipher

"Fate of the Furious" is not coming into theaters until spring. And as fans wait for the movie to be released, a slew of theories have emerged following the trailer's reveal that Dom has turned his back on his family and chose to work for Charlize Theron's character, Cipher.

If you have followed the franchise from the very beginning, it's normal to be dead curious as to why Dom, who has lived his life protecting his family, could allow himself to be controlled by Cipher. Do they share a history? What is her backstory?

No one knows at this point. To lessen your anxiety over this mind-boggling twist, the theories listed below might help.

1. Dom owes Cipher a huge debt.

Like most movies where the protagonist suddenly snaps out of character, it is usually because he needs to fulfill something in order to protect his loved ones. In the case of Dom, it's possible that the trailer is only showing us parts where he is pretending to be on Cipher's side. But in truth, he's only allowing Cipher to control him like a puppet over a debt he owed her for a long time. Who knows? These two characters could go way back.

2. Dom is trying to protect his family.

Since the movie's theme is all about family, there's also a possibility that Cipher has threatened Dom's loved ones and is using them as leverage. If Dom refuses to side with Cipher for a high-stakes mission, she would hurt his family. The theory could work if you take into consideration that Cipher knows the kind of caliber Dom has under his belt.

3. Dom is.. An android?

The craziest theory of all is that the dude we saw in the trailer is not Dom, but is actually a droid. As the trailer hinted, Cipher is a big shot tech-savvy woman. So she probably knows a thing about cloning a guy who loves cars and who is all about family. With Dom's talents, who wouldn't want to use him as the perfect prototype for a badass droid?

"The Fate of the Furious" hits theaters on April 2014, 2017.

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