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Fyre Festival scam; how the festival could redeem itself in 2018

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Apr 30, 2017 07:58 PM EDT
Official splash page for Fyre Festival
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Fyre Festival) Official splash page for Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival is a cautionary tale for anyone who wants to jump into something they are not sure of but did anyway simply because it was plugged by celebrities. The hyped festival did not go as planned but it could still save itself next year if co-owner Ja Rule is serious enough to get in the festivity businesses.

From Hype to Dumpster Fire

Fyre Festival, for the lack of a better word, is a complete disaster. Billed as a luxury festival and getaway in an exotic island, it has mustered and commanded thousands of dollars from its patrons who immediately jumped to the opportunity in partying in style and possibly internationally renowned models who plugged the event.

But alas, the exact opposite as happened as festival goers were treated to a refugee-camp style of accommodation and a "gourmet" food you only want to give you want to insult for lunch. According to Uproxx, the organizers finally gave up and cancelled the event which left early goers stranded in an island. As the tweets and IG posts came flooding in from the festival goers, it doesn't bode well for everyone as Ja Rule pointed the blame to someone else (although he's sorry).

Saving the Party

Fyre as a company could still work its way back to the consciousness of everyone and actually start a good festival. According to Time, the events company will issue refunds and offer VIP tickets for those affected by the festivities - practically anyone who booked the event. A good way to appease the drudges but may not be enough.

Instead of doing the party in a remote and exotic location, 2018 Fyre will stay stateside on a beach. But they should also focus on confirming their talents and Blink 182 will definitely pass next year. The have to make sure their talents are not just anyone they could get but definitely a big name that could draw thousands and justify the same amount.

The company has already indicated that they are now taking support from various artists and industry leaders. It's a good start but unless they show real party, accommodation and artists, they don't have anything. Maybe Ja Rule could do an "MTV Cribs" style presentation to get everyone hyped for Fyre 2018.

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