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[WATCH] Heineken ad; an anti-Pepsi commercial built to start some fiery conversation

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Apr 28, 2017 10:49 PM EDT
Two people come together for a conversation in the latest Heineken ad
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Heineken) Two people come together for a conversation in the latest Heineken ad

More than a week ago, Heineken posted an ad dubbed by many as the "anti-Pepsi" plug. Watch as the commercial offers a unique take on differences and the different reactions on the outcome from the said ad.

Heineken's Social Experiment

Heineken recently released a new ad and just like most ads today, it focuses on social issues. The beer brand opted for something unique: a social experiment that tackle three key issues and their followers. According to Mashable, the experiment focused on the subject of climate change, feminism and the rights of a transgender.

The commercial started with an introduction about the different viewpoints of two people. Not knowing about their viewpoints, two people work on various activities where they get to learn a little more about each other except their viewpoints. At the end of the experiment, their views were shown on the large screen and they were asked if they would like to stay and talk about it over a Heineken or leave - all decided to stay and talk.

Positive and Negative Reactions

Heineken's "Worlds Apart" commercial was hailed a success because of its subtle take on the subject without forcing individuals in their viewpoints. It's even seen as a direct response to Pepsi's ad since the Kendal Jenner's starred fiasco.

But not everyone is on board with the success and message of the commercial. According to Vox, reactions from the atl-right were mostly negative since they have to "sacrifice" their idea of what is true just to get on a table for a dialogue. On the other hand, those in the other side of the isle also said revealed they have to make "concessions" so the opposing viewpoint could have a voice.

In the end, the commercial could be seen as a success since it started a discussion. ICYMI here's the full commercial:

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