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LABOUM's agency gives update on Soyeon's health condition

By Maria A. | Apr 30, 2017 08:13 AM EDT
LABOUM members perform in front of the marine members of South Korea.
(Photo : Getty Images/Chung Sung Jun) LABOUM members perform in front of the marine members of South Korea.

LABOUM member Soyeon was rushed to the hospital this week after she reportedly suffered blood loss due to nosebleeds. According to reports, Soyeon's mangers were unable to stop her nosebleed for a long period of time.

The singer was taken to the hospital shortly after LABOUM's performance on MBC's "Show Champion." She was reportedly having nosebleeds because of fatigue prior to the group's performance.

According to Koreaboo, LABOUM's staff members advised against Soyeon performing on the show after having an emergency meeting regarding their performnce, but she insisted to join the other members on stage.

To accommodate Soyeon and her health, "Show Champion" producers moved up LABOUM's time to film and other artists agreed to accommodate Soyeon and her health.

"Soyeon personally insisted on performing at 'Show Champion' today. She was able to complete the performance due to the kindness of the other singers that day," a source said.

Although Soyeon managed to finish her performance, she was suffering from nosebleeds thereafter and was beginning to lose a lot of blood. She was immediately rushed to the hospital together with her manager.

In a recent statement, Global H Media addressed the incident and gave an update on Soyeon's condition. The agency stated that Soyeon's test result shows that there are no major concerns for her health, Koreaboo reported.

Meanwhile, LABOUM recently took home their first win for "Hwi Hwi" on "Music Bank" for April 28. The girl group went against IU and her new track "Can't Love You Anymore," which features Oh Hyuk.

LABOUM won first place with a score of 4,546 points, During their acceptance speech, the members thanks the agency, staff members, their family and fans. They also expressed how honored they are to be competing against IU.

Also performing on "Music Bank" that day were Minzy, DIA, Lee Hae Ri, JungGiGo, EXID, Teen Top and more.

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