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‘Clash Royale’ Heal Spell challenge; New card offered in special preview

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Apr 28, 2017 10:49 PM EDT
Heal Spell Level 7 Profile
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Chief Pat - Clash Royale) Heal Spell Level 7 Profile

"Clash Royale" is offering a very unique card to its increasingly large library of game card options. While nearly every strategy focuses on defense and attack, the latest technique from the game calls for another option: healing.

Introducing the Heal Spell

According to Clash Royale Arena, the Heal Spell is basically a very simple card used for healing anything within its range except towers. It has a relatively short range of three tiles and it will only last for three seconds. The card is also designated as "rare" which means it cannot be obtained easily.

Available in Arena 10 and up, the card promises healing of at least 100HP on its lowest level. This means the lowest level Heal Spell could provide an additional 300HP to anyone within its range. The spell is also relatively easy to call-out since it only requires three elixirs.

A Powerful Complementary Card - with Cost

Right of the bat, the spell is built to support attacks with beat down combination. Using this spell with the Inferno Dragon could cause significant damage as it continues to heal itself while taking direct attacks from every direction. 300HP is not that much but a higher level spell could mean more regeneration leading to an epic beat down.

While beat down cards with Heal Spell sounds like a great idea, using at least nine elixirs for a beat down attack leaves an obvious hole and a possible negative elixir trade off. This is especially true of you use Elite Barbarians when they are easily countered through swarm.

According to Clash Royale Pedia, the official game is currently holding a heal draft challenge so players could preview the spell. Six wins assures the Heal Spell while 12 wins means more cards to level up the spell. Watch the sample gameplay below:

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