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Here's why no one expected Jungkook would debut with BTS, Big Hit Entertainment

By diana | Apr 25, 2017 03:37 AM EDT
CEO of Big Hit Entertainment revealed Jungkook used to be shy and untalented before he debuted with BTS.
(Photo : YouTube/Flavoured Farouk) CEO of Big Hit Entertainment revealed Jungkook used to be shy and untalented before he debuted with BTS.

Who would have thought that Jungkook, who used to be shy and untalented, would earn a spot in the K-pop industry?

Bang Si Hyuk, the big boss of Big Hit Entertainment, recently talked about BTS and their crossover into the foreign market. The CEO also revealed the changes that happened to the members ever since they made their debut in 2013.

"I met Rap Monster when he was in the 8th grade so I've seen him for about 7-8 years," he said as per Allkpop. "They started training when they were young so it's fun to see how their personalities changed over time."

When he was asked about the maknae or the youngest BTS member, Jungkook, Bang Si Hyuk frankly said he never expected that the idol would debut with boy group because of his timid personality during his trainee days.

"Jungkook actually couldn't sing at all when I asked him to. He was so shy and kept on twisting his body for 15 minutes. Our agency even judged that it was impossible for him to debut because he didn't have talent," he explained.

But despite the first impression, Jungkook has proven what he is capable of doing onstage. In fact, the maknae was even acknowledged for his sweet voice in a previous Twitter poll conducted by 1TheK.

Not only that, Jungkook also caught the attention of Charlie Puth after he uploaded a teaser of his "We Don't Talk Anymore" cover. According to Soompi, the American singer immediately followed the official Twitter account of BTS and reposted the cover preview.

Similarly, the "See You Again" singer also said that he likes the music of BTS. In return, the K-pop act replied to Charlie Puth and told him that they like his music, too. The recent interaction has raised speculation on whether the two acts are brewing something for the fans.

Would you like a collaboration between BTS and Charlie Puth?

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