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BTS fans slam Fox 4 News for writing ‘Rat Monster’ instead of Rap Monster [VIDEO]

By diana | Mar 29, 2017 10:04 AM EDT
Fox 4 News slammed for misspelling Rap Monster's name as 'Rat Monster.'
(Photo : YouTube/Abiz - Entertainment Buzz) Fox 4 News slammed for misspelling Rap Monster's name as 'Rat Monster.'

Rap Monster is the newest idol whose name was misspelled by the American people. Apparently, Fox 4 News wrote "Rat Monster" in the title of their "The Morning Blend" interview with BTS.

Alllkpop cited the YouTube upload was named, "BTS Rat Monster talks Kpop with The Morning Blend." The said video features the recent appearance of the boy group on the segment.

As expected, ARMYs from all over the world were quick to notice that something was off in the title. Most of them have called out Fox 4 News to correct the mistake, while others slammed the network for Rap Monster's misspelled name.

Fox 4 News was even forced to disable the comment section of the video after receiving an avalanche of comments. After causing an online uproar, the network immediately changed the title with the correct spelling of the idol's name.

Aside from that, Fox 4 News also released a short statement to apologize for the mistake. "Sincere apologies to "Rap Monster" for previously misspelling name," it said.

But despite the apology, some ARMYs considered the act as a failed attempt of throwing shade at BTS. "The 't' and 'p' keys are really far away on the keyboard and the fact that it happened twice," a fan wrote.

While there were some who took offense of the mistake committed by Fox 4 News, others just shrugged it off and even made fun of "Rat Monster."

Meanwhile, Soompi reported Rap Monster was featured in Gaeko's newest track, titled "Elephant." A source affiliated with Amoeba Culture confirmed the news on Monday.

The upcoming song will serve as Gaeko's comeback single after releasing his previous solo track over two years ago. Apart from his solo promotions, Gaeko also promotes with Dynamic Duo alongside Choiza.

Gaeko's "Elephant" featuring Rap Monster of BTS is expected to be out in April.

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