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Big Hit Entertainment speaks up on Jimin’s death threats; Agency eyes to tighten security at BTS events

By diana | Mar 28, 2017 02:56 AM EDT
Big Hit Entertainment responds to Jimin's death threats and promised to tighten security at BTS shows.
(Photo : YouTube/Abiz - Entertainment Buzz) Big Hit Entertainment responds to Jimin's death threats and promised to tighten security at BTS shows.

ARMYs from all over the world worried over Jimin's security after unknown perpetrators threatened to target the BTS member. An anti-fan even warned it will shot the idol in one of their concerts.

As a result, BTS fans started the trend #ArmysWillProtectJimin in hopes to stop these unknown netizens from spreading creepy warnings and images of the singer. According to Allkpop, the hashtag even topped Twitter's worldwide trends on Monday.

By using the hashtag, ARMYs expressed their love and support to Jimin and the rest of BTS. Some of them have also called out Big Hit Entertainment to protect the idols from their anti-fans.

In fact, the fans successfully caught the attention of the agency which was quick to release a statement on the death threats of Jimin. Soompi cited Big Hit Entertainment is now working side by side with the authorities to address the issue.

"We believe that it is a joke by an anti-fan, but we are taking measures just to be sure. We are working with the local staff and police to enhance the security," the label said.

Jimin and his BTS co-members are currently touring around North America for their "Wings Tour" concert. Amid death threats, a staff from Honda Center assured they will tighten the security for the boy group's two-day show in California on April 1 and 2.

"We are aware of the controversial social media posts. We will work to increase security around the venue," the staff said.

At the moment of writing, ARMYs managed to suspend the disturbing accounts of anti-fans on Twitter. However, most of them are still worried about the security of the boys especially now that they have been holding concert shows in different countries.

"This is not okay. This is not a joke, it isn't a prank. Any threat to kill anyone is serious," a fan wrote. Another one said, "After what happened to Christina Grimmie I don't think anyone should ever take it as a joke."

Be well, BTS!

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