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BTS wants to address societal, political issues through music; ‘Someone should talk about it’

By diana | Apr 08, 2017 11:03 PM EDT
BTS in attendance during the 24th Seoul Music Award.
(Photo : Getty Images/Chung Sung Jun) BTS in attendance during the 24th Seoul Music Award.

More than the choreography and upbeat tunes, BTS considers lyrics as one of the most important factors in creating music not only for entertainment, but also to deliver an important message.

During their recent interview with Billboard, members of the popular boy group explained what they ought to achieve through their music. "Worldwide, our young generation shares the same issues socially and politically," Suga said as per Koreaboo.

He explained, "I think that young people feel the same way about similar issues and BTS wants to cheer them up with our songs and talk about our feelings and social issues."

Rap Monster supported Suga's statement and said someone should step up to speak up about these issues. "Someone should talk about it. And if someone should talk about it, then it feels like we have to talk about it," the BTS leader said.

Given their popularity all over the world, the idol shared they are more determined to let their voice be heard and raise the awareness of the young ones about the current issues.

When asked about their solo tracks under their latest album "Wings," Jin revealed these songs were personally made to represent each BTS member and their individual stories.

But despite having a different approach, BTS admitted their debut music was inspired by their seniors in the industry. Likewise, the seven-member boy group also wants to influence other K-pop bands.

Their crossover in the US market has raised questions about the boy group's upcoming promotional activities. Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk clarified they plan to maintain the image of BTS as a K-pop act.

"I'm not a believer in releasing full English songs to the US market, like many K-pop artists have," he said, promising to add special features for their international fans.

Recently, BTS reached another milestone after crossing the five million mark on Twitter as per Soompi. The newest record came just three months after the profile mustered four million followers.

Currently, the boy group is gearing up to invade Asia for their "Wings Tour" concert. BTS will soon visit Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong for a series of shows. They are also set to perform for their Australian fans before the final leg of their concert tour in Japan.

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