Red Velvet’s Joy receives overwhelming love and support from fans after feeling depressed

By diana / 2017.04.17
Red Velvet's Joy in an episode of tvN's 'The Liar and his Lover.'

Not even popularity can spare someone from the feeling of sadness. In fact, Red Velvet's Joy recently shared she was feeling depressed amidst her ongoing drama "The Liar and his Lover."

According to Koreaboo, the idol-turned-actress took to Instagram to share her favorite song on days when she feels down and sentimental.

"It's Friday night. To someone, it may be an exciting Friday night, but to others it could be a time to become sentimental," Joy wrote. "Currently, I'm feeling calm, sentimental, and a little depressed."

The post was supported by a screenshot of Brian McKnight's "Everything," a song that describes how beautiful love is. Joy even suggested that her fans should listen to the song especially those who are going through tough times.

"I'm also gifting this song to our fans who may have been hurt by others or are exhausted by everyday responsibilities," the Red Velvet member said.

Although "The Liar and his Lover" actress refused to share the reasons behind her depression, her fans were quick to show their love to the idol through words of encouragement and support.

"Joy looks strong on the outside but she's actually a softy on the inside," a fan wrote. Another one posted, "She has a lot on her plate this year. I hope she will be alright and get through alright also."

Earlier reports stated the Red Velvet member has been receiving hate comments for her acting in "The Liar and his Lover." Allkpop cited some viewers thought Joy is acting poorly in the drama, while others slammed the series for casting idols for the lead roles.

Amidst criticisms, Joy and Lee Hyun Woo's onscreen chemistry has been receiving good reviews from the followers of the tvN drama. Not only that, most of them also praised the Red Velvet member for her acting despite being a newbie.

Catch "The Liar and his Lover" episode 9 tonight at 11:00 p.m.

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