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TWICE Jihyo plays with her crutch in an Instagram post

By Dianne Sencil | Apr 14, 2017 02:28 PM EDT
TWICE member Jihyo during her performance in 'Star Zoom In'.
(Photo : YouTube/ Mnet Official) TWICE member Jihyo during her performance in 'Star Zoom In'.

KPop idol Jihyo of the girl group TWICE has recently shown her playful side despite leg injury in her latest Instagram post.

In the collage photo captioned the star was seen to be enjoying the blooming cherry blossoms while standing in front of a veranda. And to add humor to the picture, the 20-year-old artist held her crutch, assumed that it was a gun, and acted like she was aiming to shoot her subject.

"ONCE. Today! I am admiring the cherry blossoms. The flowers are so pretty. Does ONCE like flowers too? I love them hehe,” Jihyo asked her fans through the photo sharing site as quoted by All KPop.

Earlier this March, talent management agency JYP Entertainment has revealed in their official statement that Jihyo will be taking a health break due to her knees issue. Because of the circumstance, the fans immediately expressed their love and concern to their idol, sending her their hope for her fast recovery.

“...Jihyo is receiving the necessary treatment and is currently in the process of recovering,” stated JYP Entertainment as quoted by Soompi.

The label continued: “In order to make a more speedy recovery, Jihyo will inevitably not be able to participate in the group’s activities for a period of time. As this was a decision made with Jihyo’s health as our top priority, we ask for fans to be understanding and, as an agency, we will do our very best to help Jihyo make a full and speed recovery. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, TWICE has once again topped the “Girl Group Brand Reputation” rankings by the Korea Business Research Institute for the month of April. With a total score of 4,890,216, the group has left PRISTINE in the second spot followed by Girl’s Day, Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, Apink, Lovelyz, Rainbow, GFRIEND, Girls’ Generation and so on, Soompi reports.

Check out TWICE’s “Knock Knock” MV below:

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